Courtney & Brett – Jacksonville Lifestyle Photography

Meet Courtney and Brett. A lovely couple, and very good friends of mine. Courtney and I go way back. I mean way, WAY back. I met Courtney on my fourth birthday when her and her mother crashed my party. It was friends at first sight. We were inseparable from that point on.

Courtney is the type of girl who would literally give you the shirt off her back. She’d do anything for anyone, all while keeping that perfect smile on her face. She is truly genuine and an amazing friend.

Brett, on the other hand, is hilarious (and not to mention a great sport about a camera being in his face).  That look in his eyes in the first image, he titled that “The Smolder”. And smolder it does. He’s got this dry sense of humor that doesn’t really sink in until a good five seconds later. It’s an amazing talent.

Together, Courtney and Brett are adorable and they easily crack each other up. They make modeling look easy.

I just love their height difference.

Can you be any more gorgeous Court?

Good looking.

One of my personal favorites. Love the intertwined arms.

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