Vanessa – Jacksonville Lifestyle Photographer

There’s a lot I can say about Vanessa. And not a single ill thought comes to mind. She’s kind, smart, funny…down to Earth. But what I admire most about her is her role as a mama. She is the definition of everything a wonderful mother should be. Moms care for their children; listen to their children. They have patience. Moms make sure they’re children are clothed, fed and entertained.  All of those things make a good mother. But what I notice that sets Vanessa apart is how much her children admire her and genuinely want to be with her. I love that she’s not afraid to get on the floor and play with her kids. She’s not afraid to let her kids get a little dirty all for the sake of having fun. And most importantly she let’s things roll off her shoulders, so to speak.

If one day I’m half the mama she is, I’ll feel pretty darn accomplished.

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